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Gst registration Service in Bhubaneswar odisha india

GST Registration Online In India

Introducing Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been a major tax reform in India. Thus much time has been gone since its introduction that queries like “what is GST Registration” does not sound good. So here is a brief introduction

  • GST is the only tax that one needs to get his/her business enrolled under.
  • In the event that your business isn’t GST enrolled, heavy fines and punishments can be demanded.
  • GST Registration grants you to collect GST from your clients.
  • So avoid going against the law, get your business enrolled for GST.

You can bring your GST Registration by Bk Graphy. Here, we excel in to abate the burden of a long-winded registration process. Our expert team will advise you on how you can get GSTIN in an easy way. You can apply anytime for your GST number whether you are situated in Odisha Bhubaneswar, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata or anyplace in India.


Key Features

With GST, we expect to get consistency in taxes

Navigating the Ease of Doing Business Landscape

In regions where Goods and Services Tax (GST) is implemented, understanding and efficiently navigating the GST framework is essential.

Eliminating Cascading Tax Effects for Business Clarity

The elimination of cascading tax effects is a crucial stride in fostering clarity and efficiency within the business taxation system.

The Power of a Common Portal for Seamless Operations

The adoption of a common portal is proving to be a game-changer for organizations aiming to streamline their operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Other Registration

One nation, one tax, makes it a financial integration.




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Private Limited




Public Limited


gst registartion

GST will have 3 tax components, which includes a central component (Central Goods and Services Tax or CGST) and a state component (State Goods and Services Tax or SGST) where centre and state will levy GST on all entities, i.e. when a transaction happens within a state. Inter-state transactions will attract the Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST), to be levied by the centre, i.e. when a transaction happens one state to another.

Input tax credit lets you reduce your tax you have already paid on inputs and pay the remaining amount at the time of paying tax.

You pay taxes on the purchase when a product is purchased from a registered seller, and when you sell the product, you too collect the tax. With input credit, you can adjust the taxes paid at the time of purchase with the amount of tax on sales (output tax) and pay the balance liability of tax, i.e. tax on sale minus tax on the purchase.

Every business or corporation that are involved in the buying and selling and good of services have to register for GST. It is mandatory for companies whose turnover is more than Rs.20 lakhs (for supply of services) and Rs. 40 lakhs ( for supply of goods) yearly to register for a GST.

All businesses making interstate outward supplies of goods have to register for a GST too. The same applies to businesses making taxable supplies on behalf of other taxable persons, example Agents and Brokers.

Also, as per the recent notification, e-commerce sellers/aggregators need not register if total sales are less than Rs.20 lakhs.

  • Items that are considered basic necessities come under exempt list i.e. they are not taxed.
  • Household necessities and life-saving drugs etc. are taxed at 5%.
  • Products like computers and processed food are taxed at 12%.
  • Hair oil, toothpaste and soaps, capital goods, industrial intermediaries and services are taxed at 18%.
  • Luxury items are taxed at 28%.

You can see the tax rates for all the products here: https://cbec-gst.gov.in/gst-goods-services-rates.html

  • Check out the GST calculator which comes in handy to calculate the Goods and Service Tax using different slabs.

A GST Return is a document containing details of income that is required to be filed as per the law with the tax authorities. Under the GST law, a taxpayer has to submit two returns on a monthly basis and one such return annually. All returns have to be filed online. Please note that there is no provision for revising the returns. All invoices for the previous tax period that went unreported must be included in the current month.

Under GST, a registered dealer has to file GST returns that include: Purchases, Sales, Output, GST (On sales) and Input tax credit (GST paid on purchases).

The Goods and Service Tax Network (or GSTN) is section 8 (non-profit), non-government, private limited company. GSTN is a one-stop solution for all your indirect tax requirements. GSTN is responsible for maintaining Indirect Taxation platform for GST to help you prepare, file, rectify returns and make payments of your indirect tax liabilities.

All GST Returns must be filed before the 20th of the following month. There are severe laws within the GST Act for non-compliance with the Rules & Regulations. Fine for Not Getting GST Registration, when a business is coming under the purview. The fine is 100% of the tax sum if the offender has not petitioned for GST registration and intends to intentionally avoid. The sum is the tax as suitable. Or Rs. 10,000, whichever is higher.

A punishment of 100% tax due or Rs. 10,000, whichever is higher, is also suitable for those who choose the configuration Scheme despite not being acceptable to it. Any offender not paying his due tax or making short installments (genuine errors) is accountable to pay a fine of 10% of the tax amount. This sum can’t be less than Rs 10,000. A person guilty of not providing the GST invoice is accountable to be charged 100% tax due or Rs. 10,000. Whichever is higher.

All organizations engaged within buying or selling goods or providing services, or both, should register for GST. However, for below-listed persons, GST Registration is mandatory.


  • Previous Law Converted Taxpayer – All people or organizations registered under the Pre-GST tax laws like Service Tax or Excise or VAT, and so forth.
  • Turnover for Goods Provider – If your sales or turnover of goods is crossing Rs. 40 lakh per annum then GST Registration is compulsory. For the certain Category States, the limit is Rs. 20 lakh per annum.
  • Turnover for Service Provider – In case you are a service provider & sales or turnover is crossing Rs. 20 lakh per annum then GST Registration is compulsory. For the Special Category Status, the limit is Rs. 10 lakh in a year
  • Casual Taxpayer – If you supply goods or services, in events/exhibitions, and not have a permanent place of working together. In such cases, GST is charged based on a predicted turnover of 90 days. The validity of the enrollment is also 90 days.
  • Agents of Suppliers or Input Service Distributor (ISD) – All supplier agents and ISD, to acquire the favor of Input Tax Credit, need GST Registration. NRI Taxable Person – If you are an NRI or owning the business of NRI in India.
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) – Businesses who need to pay taxes within the RCM also require to be GST registered.
  • E-Commerce Portals & Sellers – Every e-commerce portal (such as Amazon or Flipkart) within the various merchants are selling their products. On other hand for all vendors. You require a GST Registration.
  • Outside India Online Portal – For suppliers of online data and database access or recovery services from a spot outside India to Indian Residents.
  • Transferee – When the business has been moved.
  • Inter-State Operations – Persons making a domestic/inter-state supply. Whatever the turnover.
  • Brands – Aggregator who supplies service under his Brand or Trade Name.
  • Other Taxation – Individuals who need to deduct tax u/s 37 (TDS) of the Income Tax Act.
  • Voluntary GST Registration – Any element can get GST registration at any-time. Even when the above compulsory conditions don’t concern them.
  • Inter-State Registration – If you are a supplier in more than one state you need GST Registration in all the states that you supply/provide goods or services to.
  • Branches – If your business has lots of branches in various states, register one specific branch as a fundamental office or head office and the rest of the branches as additional. (Not appropriate if the business has separate verticals as listed in Section 2 (18) of the CGST Act, 2017).

Documents Required for GST Registration

For Sole Proprietorship / Individual
  1. Aadhaar card, PAN card, and a photograph of the sole proprietor
  2. Details of Bank account– Bank statement or a canceled cheque
  3. Own office – Copy of electricity bill/water bill/landline bill/ property tax receipt/a copy of municipal khata
  4. Rented office – Rent agreement and NOC (No objection certificate) from the owner.
For Partnership deed/LLP Agreement
  1. Aadhaar card, PAN card, Photographs of all partners.Details of Bank such as a copy of the canceled cheque or bank statement
  2. Own office – Copy of electricity bill/water bill/landline bill/ a copy of municipal Khata/property tax receipt
  3. Rented office – Rent agreement and NOC (No objection certificate) from the owner.
For Private limited/Public limited/One person company
  1. Company’s PAN card
  2. Certificate of Registration
  3. MOA (Memorandum of Association) /AOA (Articles of Association)
  4. Aadhar card, PAN card, a photograph of all Directors
  5. Details of Bank- bank statement or a canceled cheque
  6. Own office – Copy of electricity bill/water bill/landline bill/ a copy of municipal khata/ property tax receipt
  7. Rented office – Rent agreement and NOC (No objection certificate) from the owner.
  8. Appointment Proof of authorized signatory- letter of authorization
For Society or Trust or Club
  1. Pan Card of society/Club/Trust
  2. Certificate of Registration
  3. PAN Card and Photo of Promotor/ Partners
  4. Details of Bank- a copy of the canceled cheque or bank statement
  5. Own office – Copy of electricity bill/water bill/landline bill/ a copy of municipal khata/ property tax receipt
  6. Rented office – Rent agreement and NOC (No objection certificate) from the owner.
  7. Appointment Proof of authorized signatory- letter of authorization

Pricing Plans

Price Of GST Registration In India ( Odisha, Kolkata, Bengalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chhatishgarh )


Single Use
1499 99
One Time ( Gst return 499/Month)
GST Number
GST Consultation
Nill Return 499/ Month
0-1 Invoice 1Month
GST Software Rs 4999


Invoice 10-100 (1Lac-1CR)
2999 99
One Time ( Gst Return 1599/Month)
GST Number
GST Dedicated CA Support
Monthly Return Cost 1599
10 - 100 Invoice Monthly
FREE GST Software 1 Year


Invoice 100-500 ( 1cr to 10cr )
4999 99
GST Return Rs2500/Month
GST Number
Technical Support By CA
Monthly Return Cost Rs2500
100-500 Invoice Monthly
FREE GST Software 1 Year

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