How to change WHMCS logo || how to remove powered by whmcs
Hello guys Welcome to my website Bk Graphy – here you will get all types of tech and legal support . Today’s topic is How to change Client Area WHMCS logo ? how to remove powered by in whmcs client area ? I will share step by step guide how to remove powered by whmcs and how to add custom client area logo. How to remove powered by whmcs ? Open Your Cpanel Then open Template Next Select your template ( ex : Six ) then open footer.tpl scroll down to bottom and paste this script <script>if ($(“p:contains(‘Powered by’)”).length) {$(“p:contains(‘Powered by’)”).hide();}</script> How to change Client Area WHMCS logo ? Open Cpanel – Template – Six – Img File Then upload your logo.png Replace with old one Congrats now successfully your whmcs client area logo changed   Also Read : Ecommerce business Success secret – how to start ecommerce business
What is html ? HTML5 Tutorials-1 || Step by step for beginners
In this lesson you will know about what is html ? | Why to learn html ? | Html basic structure The Html HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, the most widely used Web-based language for web pages development. Berners-Lee created HTML in late 1991, but the first standard HTML specification published in 1995 was “HTML 2.0.” HTML 4.01 was a new HTML version, released at the end of 1999. Although HTML 4.01 version is widely used, HTML-5 version w is currently available Why to Learn HTML? HTML was originally developed to describe the layout of documents such as headings, sentences, lists, etc. to encourage the exchange of scientific information among scientists. HTML is a MUST for students and working professionals, especially when working in the Web Development Domain, to become a great software developer. I’m going to list some of the key benefits of HTML learning: Create Web site – You can create a website or customize an existing web template if you know HTML well. Become a web designer –If you want to start a carrer as a professional web designer, HTML and CSS designing is a must skill. Understand web –If you want to optimize your website, to boost its […]
How to create an E-Commerce Website ? process step by step in hindi
E-Commerce Business ideas step by step in India E commerce business is a business connected to online and internet, as we all are aware that presently smartphone and internet have reached the common public in India too. This is the reason that due to the availability of smartphones and 3G, 4G packs being very cheap, the penetration of internet is increasing at a very fast pace. Therefore, a lot of marketplaces in India are also earning successfully. And due to the expansion of the internet, the possibilities of doing e commerce business are also increasing here. Since India is a large country in terms of population, there is immense scope for any kind of business here. Although in India, only the middle class is seen trending towards online shopping, but due to the assurance that internet packs are cheap and free delivery by various marketplaces, the attention of every kind of population is moving towards online shopping. . This is the reason that e-commerce companies prevalent in India are setting new records of revenue i.e. revenue over time. Therefore, today we are trying to give complete information related to starting E commerce business in our article. What is an E-commerce business? E commerce is a term associated […]
How to create high quality Do follow backlinks || From Wikipedia, Amazone, Youtube
Hi Viewer , Here you will get information about some websites where you can create high quality do follow back links. I hope you all have good knowledge about back links if you have no idea about back links then you can read from third paragraphs.  For Seo position and ranking back links is most important part If you will get high quality do follow back links then your website will gain more DA. Here Some List Of high quality website : DA 80 Do Follow – DA 90 – Do follow DA 90 Do follow Education Website DA 82 . edu Back link Know How To Create Back links From Wikipedia If you have started your website or you want to start your website, then you must have heard about Backlinks and this is very important to get your website ranked. Suppose backlinks are the power of your website. Whenever you post, you need backlinks to get that post ranked in Google or any search engine. So if you are new in blogging career right now and you also have to make backlinks for your website. So first you need to know what backlinks are. And after telling […]
How to create a youtube channel ? – Step by step 2020 process with youtube hindi video
Today we will discus about how to create a youtube channel ? In today’s time, YouTube is the most watched platform in the world, whether it is comedy and whether it is educational videos, everyone can learn a lot by watching videos on YouTube. You can entertain, but YouTube is not only a source of entertainment, but you can also earn from it by creating channels on YouTube and uploading videos on it. C are earning very well from YouTube in today’s time, if you have extra time and skills, then you can also earn money from YouTube. To earn from YouTube, first you have to create a channel on YouTube, then first of all we You will learn how to make a channel on YouTube and upload videos on it, then let us learn how to create a YouTube channel – How To create YouTube Channel in Hindi How to make YouTube channel – How To Make YouTube Channel in Hindi Watch video 👆 To create a channel on YouTube, first of all you have to have an email ID and you have to create this email id on Gmail. If you already have an email ID, then you can […]
off page seo techniques 2020
off page seo techniques 2020 Friends, today we will talk about this article, we will talk about off page SEO. If you have done Onpage SEO very well, then maybe your website can easily rank on some keywords. But if your website does not rank even after doing Onpage SEO, then for that we need to do OFF PAGE SEO. Offpage SEO 2020 means that we need to create back links for our website. Here comes a question, how do we create good backlinks for our website or for our block? Now we talk about how good back links are made. OFF Page SEO Techniques Guest Posting Guest Posting The best way to create backlinks is a guest post. Guest posting means when we post our article on the blog of another blogger with a link to our blog or website. So he publishes our article in his website or blog with a link to our website. So we get a link from that blog which helps us rank our blog on search engine. Write High Quality Content The article should always be of high quality. Then whether you write for the coming blog or for another blog (guest posting). […]
Blackhat seo techniques in english
Blackhat seo techniques in English Blackhat seo techniques in english black hat seo techniques. Black hat seo 2020 black hat seo worldblack hat seo. reddit black hat seo course. white hat black hat seo techniques cloaking. Black Hat SEO is employed to urge top rank in search results. this is often against program guidelines and leads your site towards Penalty. Black Hat SEO can give immediate results, but over time. It also has the other effect, your ranking could also be reduced and your site could also be completely blacklisted from search results. Black hat SEO techniques can damage your ranking rather than improving your ranking. This article will tell you about 18 bad SEO techniques that you simply got to avoid. So let’s start… Black Hat SEO Techniques in english As I already said, the Black Hat SEO program is against Guidelines and receives top rankings. But your site are often completely faraway from search results over time.   Bad SEO Techniques are mentioned below which will harm your Google Ranking . 1. Keyword Stuffing Filling your content with keywords is named Keyword stuffing. This creates a nasty experience on the user.   2. Cloaking Cloaking may be a technique […]
Realme Narzo 10 and Narzo 10A Full Specifications with Price
Realme Narzo 10 and Narzo 10A Full Specifications with Price Xiomi realme narzo 10a, realme narzo 10a price. Realme narzo 10 specification. realme narzo 10a price in india || realme nazro 10a specification. Latest Realme has recently launched its latest series Realme Narzo. The company is going to launch Realme Narzo 10 and Realme Narzo 10A smartphones in India on 26 March under this series . Digital marketing course in bhubaneswar Latest Realme narzo 10 specification Customers will get this Realme smartphone in White Milk, Green Tea, Frozen Blue and Blazing Red Color. Realme Narzo 10 and Narzo 10A Key Specifications Display– 6.5 inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen Processor– MediaTek Helio G80 Front camera– 16 MP -Back camera – 48 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP RAM– 3 GB, 4 GB Storage– 32 GB, 64 GB Battery– 5000 mAh Network – 4g volte (dual nano sim) Operating system– Android 10 Realme Narzo 10 and Narzo 10A Summary The company has not shared official information about the launch of both phones in India. At present, Realme‘s Narzo series will launch in India on March 26 at 12.30 pm and the first cell of the phone will start […]
What is DCA || Know the full form of DCA
Know the full form of DCA Hello friends, today I will be talking in this post what is DCA and what is full form of DCA  . Apart from this, through this post, you can get many information about DCA full form.   DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE CALL NOW – 9040406205   If you are a student and want to pursue a DCA course along with your studies, then it is very important for you to know the what is full form of dca . By the way, those who have completed DCA course will know well that DCA Full Form Kya Hai , but for those who have not done this course or want to do it now, it becomes a bit difficult for them to know the full form of DCA. .   If you want to know the DCA Full Form as well as all the information about DCA in full details, then read this post till the end.   What is DCA ? DCA is a computer diploma course that is conducted in almost all computer institutes in India. In most institutions, the time limit of this course is 6 months. It takes up to 1 year […]
How to earn money online
How to earn money online how to earn money online: Hello Friends, in this article today, you will find 12 top ways to earn money from the Internet sitting at home online. So if you are also engaged in social media Facebook, Twitter, what’s app on your Android phone or on your computer. And you want to be able to use social media as well as do something on Android phone, laptop so that we can earn some money every month if you have something in your mind So this article is going to be very important for you because here today we are going to tell you about such Top 10 Online Work. Where you can earn good money every month by working 2 to 3 hours, so this article must be completed till the last. As we all know that in today’s age, if a person has the most need, then he is not aware of what people do in the matter of earning money, but in today’s Internet age more and more people especially The younger generation thinks that how to earn money online without investing at home. Or what to do that can make money sitting […]
Do you want to add Infinite scroll to your WordPress blog ?
Do you want to add Infinite scroll to your WordPress blog ? The page in the Infinite scroll is automatically loaded when the user reaches the bottom of the page. This allows the user to view the content of the next page of your blog without clicking the Pagination or Load More button. Now question is you want to add Infinite scroll to your WordPress blog ? In this article, I will tell you how to easily add Infinite scroll to a WordPress blog. What is Infinite Scroll Loading? Should you add Infinite Scroll to your WordPress website? Infinite Scroll Pros Infinite Scroll Cons How to Add Infinite Scroll in WordPress Blog What is Infinite Scroll Loading?   However, when you use Facebook and Twitter, you have noticed that there is no Next or Page number, they use Infinite Scroll. The unlimited scroll itself is called Infinite Scroll. Should you add Infinite Scroll to your WordPress website? Infinite Scroll that positively impacts user engagement and user experience. But, Infinite Scrolling is not for every site. If there is too much traffic on your site, do not set up infinite scroll. This can slow down your website or even crash the […]
Redmi note 9 pro mobile why you should not purchase
Redmi note 9 pro mobile why you should not purchase Redmi note 9 pro mobile application inbuilt application. All specification android mobile smart phone prise. Camera 64 megapixel redmi pro 9pro font camera. Rare camera redmi 9 pro xiomi. xiaomi ke sab-braand Redmi ne haal hee mein bhaarateey baajaar mein apanee naveenatam shrrnkhala Redmi note 9 pro lonch kee hai. kampanee ne is seereej ke tahat redamee not 9 pro aur redamee not 9 pro maiks smaartaphon lonch kie hain. Redmi note 9 pro kee shuruaatee keemat 12999 rupaye hai. yah keemat 4gb raim aur 64gb storej vaale veriyant kee hai. isake alaava 4gb ram 128gb storej memoree vaale vairient kee keemat 15999 rupaye hai. inakee sel mi.chom aur amazon par 17 maarch se shuroo hogee. graahakon ke lie ye smaartaphon auror bluai, glachiair whitai, intairstaillar blachk opshan mein milane vaala hai. kampanee ne apane laiv ivent mein bataaya ki Redmi note 9 pro dast aur vaatar rejistens hai. Redmi Note 9 Pro Key Specifications in Hindi Android 10.0; MIUI 11 Display 6.67 inches IPS LCD (1080×2400) Rear Camera 48MP + 8MP + 5MP + 2MP Front Camera 16MP Qualcomm SM7125 Snapdragon 720G (8 nm) Octa-core (2×2.3 GHz Kryo 465 […]
Computer kaise sikhe almost complete course
Computer kaise sikhe almost complete course Computer kaise sikhe article par swagat hai. Computer ajke jamane main ek common si cheez hogaya hai. Agar app abhi abhi passout hue hain or computer ka koi bhi knowledge nehi rakhte hain to fir, yeh article app keliye hai. Jahan par app kai sare sawalonka jawab or kaise computer sikhe direct practicle kar sakte hain. Kaun kaun saa sawal ayenge iss article main? computer kaise chalta hai computer kaise sikhe computer kaise banate hain computer kaise banta hai computer kam karta hai computer kaise chalu karte hain   To fir chaliye suru karte hain ajjka computer kaise sikhe article.   Computer definition kya hai? Computer ka definition ham dekhenge to fir Commonly operated machine perticularly used for training education research. Yeh computer ka definition hai. Jiska matlab hai ek sadharan machine jisko ham education, research or training keliye use karte hain. Ek raaz ki baat bataun? Darasal computer ka koi bhi definition hai hi nehi. Yeh definition to logon dwara pradat computer definition hai.   Computer components in hindi/ Computer components ka jankari Halaki pehle appke sath types of computer share karna chahiye tha. Magar appko taqlif na ho isiliye hi maine apke […]
how to promote a new website launch free internet marketing service
how to promote a new website launch free internet marketing service We’re all familiar with the term ‘one-hit-miracle’, and loads of craftsmen or gatherings have had enormous accomplishment with one tune, at that point along these lines crashed into business obscurity with their following tracks. The lifecycle of a web webpage is regularly shockingly comparable, at least somewhat. There’s a kind of gravity that follows up on all sites, pulling them down the program rankings as they’re supplanted with more up to date, fresher, all the more effectively advanced destinations. On the off chance that you might want to oppose this characteristic power, you’ll need a special arrangement, numerous sharp deceives, a fair web facilitating administration, and a purposeful exertion from your web advancement group. immediately at the top of the priority list, here’s a stock of 20 different ways during which you’ll advance your site, and keep it as unmistakable as could be expected under the circumstances. We’ve picked the most straightforward web facilitating administrations directly here These are the most straightforward free web facilitating organizations around Also, those are as of now the easiest web designers 1. Be Search engine optimization shrewd More often than not, your site […]