What is html ? HTML5 Tutorials-1 || Step by step for beginners
In this lesson you will know about what is html ? | Why to learn html ? | Html basic structure The Html HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, the most widely used Web-based language for web pages development. Berners-Lee created HTML in late 1991, but the first standard HTML specification published in 1995 was “HTML 2.0.” HTML 4.01 was a new HTML version, released at the end of 1999. Although HTML 4.01 version is widely used, HTML-5 version w is currently available Why to Learn HTML? HTML was originally developed to describe the layout of documents such as headings, sentences, lists, etc. to encourage the exchange of scientific information among scientists. HTML is a MUST for students and working professionals, especially when working in the Web Development Domain, to become a great software developer. I’m going to list some of the key benefits of HTML learning: Create Web site – You can create a website or customize an existing web template if you know HTML well. Become a web designer –If you want to start a carrer as a professional web designer, HTML and CSS designing is a must skill. Understand web –If you want to optimize your website, to boost its […]
Mar 03
New Business sender Bulk whatsapp Software | Update version of Q sender
New Business sender Bulk whatsapp Software Now Send Unlimited Bulk Whatsapp Massage From our whatsapp Business sender Software with no limits.Valid for Life time. Benefits Of Our Bulk Whatsapp Marketing business sender Software. Business sender software is update version of q sender . Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software can use for Retail Outlets Educational Institutions Educational Consultancies Banking Financial Sector Travel Tourism Clubs & Societies Real Estate Media & Entertainment Sector Automobile Industry Stock Market Companies Job Consultancies IT & ITES Service Companies Transport & Logistics Sector MLM Companies Get Bulk Whatsapp Sender. Features of Business sender software No Credit Limit – Send Unlimited Msg to Unlimited Users And Clients within 1 minutes . Media Share – You can share image Video Audio Documents easily through this whatsapp campaign business sender software Auto Filter – You can send multiple contact at a time no need to save contact this business sender software will detect automatically which number have whatsapp Two Way Communication – After campaign completed successfully you can reply your customer through whatsapp No Block issue – In our business sender software you can protect your number . no block issue Reliable Price – Our Bulk whatsapp business sender software […]
Seo Tips and free seo tools for keyword analysis and rank check
1. Google Keyword Planner Google Keyword Planner (GKP) is the only tool providing keyword data directly from Google.  Although several changes to GKP have limited the accuracy of the data provided, keyword planner is still a viable keyword research tool.  This free tool provides AdWords search volume, along with suggested bids and metrics on how competitive a phrase is. The Handy Export feature allows you to quickly get a cluster of keywords together for further analysis and exploration. Additionally, the tool allows you to drill down into more specific phrases and multiply your keyword list by combining a group of phrases together. This tool is great for: High level keyword research Keywords grouping Exporting keywords Generating keyword ideas Estimating competition for a phrase Discovering search data by geographic location   Website: https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner 2. Answer the Public Answer the Public is a visual keyword research tool providing search phrases in the form of questions. Scraping data from Google Autosuggest; Answer the Public allows you to quickly generate hundreds of key terms while gaining an understanding of how your potential customers are searching. This tool does not provide search volume or competition data but instead focuses on visually representing popular search phrases. This […]
Newspaper theme free download with crack activation key | odia news portal website
Bk graphy : Hello guys today i will say how you will crack activation key of Newspaper theme. If you have confusion about best wordpress newspaper theme for news portal then your confusion will be remove today.News paper is best selling web portal theme where you can create your web portal with different language . Now a days online web portal value is very much high from news paper . Now a days no time for paper tv but everybody have some time to check cell phone . so you can reach at customer through online news portal. If you want to know more about news portal feel free to contact us we will give suggestion how you will create a reported news portal with branding digital marketing viral process and about registration legal procedure . So if you have passion on write and read make it proffesion with web portal it will create both money and popularity. you can earn money from online google adsense and offline advt   In This 5 link one link have  newspaper theme to download  Download News paper theme 1 – zippyshare Download News paper theme 2 – u2file Download News paper theme 3 […]
Process to create free website with your domain and cpanel
Bk graphy : Hello Guys we know that for a start up you have no idea to  create a professional free website for promotion.now a days website design development and social media promotion is very much necessary for business branding . if you want to create a professional website then you can contact Bk graphy ( web design company in bhubaneswar ). For Free:- just visit www.freenom.com for free domain register (.tk etc) after this visit www.bkhost.in for free hosting & Rs99 Premium hosting.After this you will get cpanel you can upload your source code through ftp . for technical support you can chat with bkhost.in (Support charge will be apply Rs 500)   Full Free domain hosting assistance with seo:- To create a full secure website with free domain business lead promotion just visit www.apnabajar.in here you can register to create free website.. if you want genuine business lead for business growth you can take premium listing plan Process to create a professional website
8 Process to Create a Professional Website
Phases of the Web Process The Web design process is not unlike other communication processes. If you are familiar with developing a creative brief, a public relations plan, a communication plan or a new product, the phases will look very familiar. The phases of the Web design process include the following steps. Project Definition Organizations have a need to communicate to stakeholders their positions on issues and make audiences aware of their products and services. Many times the communication need, such as a Web site, is triggered by a change of strategic direction or a new offering. Identifying the reasons of the site’s existence and what it is supposed to achieve are the first step in the process. The goals and objectives that are established at the outset of the project inform all future decisions, from site structure and naming conventions used in the navigation to the visual design of the site.The first step in the definition process is interviewing the organization’s stakeholders to identify the strategic goals of the site, understand key audience needs and identify key competitors. The goal of the definition step is to identify three measurable key outcomes that are directly related to the strategic goals […]