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  • Price : Rs:50,000
  • Lessons : 12
  • Length : 6 Month
  • Level : Basic-Adv
  • Started : 03-11-2017
  • Shift : 02
  • Class : 72

Course Description

Film editing classes in compositing teach students to combine shots from different cameras to create transitions from one perspective to another. Students use photographs and film to practice, developing pictures themselves and learning how lighting affects pictures at each stage. This course is typically completed in the first year of a degree program.

Film editing course provides an overview of the many techniques used in editing film. Students practice with equipment and programs that modify the data in different ways. They gain practical experience putting film together and making it flow. These courses are taken throughout a degree program, as editing technology I-III.

Students are taught to incorporate visual effects into the editing process. They make changes to the digital environment in order to make scenes flow smoothly, dramatically and realistically. Computer applications are used that let students modify data, cutting out anything that shouldn't be there, and enhance special effects. This course is typically completed about halfway through the degree program.

Course Syllabus

Lessons 1: Visual Editor

Photoshop cs6 | Odia Typing | Premier | Aftereffect | Graphics & Color | Internship-2 month-with live project.